Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
PrivateDataT< Tx >Flags operator
sxCaptionItemCaption item
sxComponentComponent class
sxComponentLibraryComponent library loader
sxComponentRunnerComponent runner
sxConnectionConnection interface
sxDlgDesignPropertyDesign property
sxDlgPortConfigClass for handling port configuration
sxDlgRunModeRun mode dialog
sxInPortInput port (terminal)
sxLogHighlighterLog message highlighter
sxNetworkNetwork class
sxObjectSxObject class
sxOutPortOutput port (terminal)
sxPacketPacket object
sxPacketContentPacket content
sxPacketHeaderText map base packet header
sxPacketQueueThread safe packet queue
sxPortConnection port (terminal)
sxTimerTimer with microsecond resolution
sxUiAbstractComponentAbstract item ui
sxUiComponentComponent ui class
sxUiComponentLibraryUi loader
sxUiConnectionConnection Ui
sxUiDesignDesign class
sxUiInPortInput port ui
sxUiOutPortOutput port ui
sxUiPortPort user interface
sxUiTimeSpinBoxTime spin box
sxUiViewComponents view
tagSXPacketLifeTimePacket life time structure

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