sxPacket Class Reference

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#include <sxPacket.h>

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Public Member Functions

 sxPacket (sxPacketHeader *h)
 sxPacket (sxPacketContent *c, sxPacketHeader *h)
void Serialize (QDataStream &ds) const
void Deserialize (QDataStream &ds)
bool Append (const sxPacket &packet)
void Drop ()
void DropContent ()
void DropHeader ()
void SetContentType (sx::DataType type)
sx::DataType ContentType () const
sxPacketContentCreateContent (sx::DataType type, bool attach)
sxPacketClone () const
sxPacketHeaderHeader () const
void AttachHeader (sxPacketHeader *h)
void DetachHeader ()
sxPacketContentContent () const
void AttachContent (sxPacketContent *c)
void DetachContent ()
void Detach ()
bool IsEmpty () const
bool HasContent () const
bool HasHeader () const

Static Public Member Functions

static sxPacketContentCreateContent (sx::DataType type)

Detailed Description

packet object

Member Function Documentation

void sxPacket::Drop (  ) 

danger :)

Referenced by sxComponent::OnEvaluate(), and sxOutPort::Write().

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