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#include <sxUiDesign.h>

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sxNetwork sxCaptionItem sxObject

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class  PrivateData

Public Types

enum  { ItemConnection, ItemPort, ItemComponent }

Public Slots

void captureToImage (qreal zoom)
 capture design into image file


void designModified (bool flag)
void startExecution ()
void finishExecution ()
void displayMessageRequested (const QString &msg, int type)

Public Member Functions

 sxUiDesign (const QString &cap=QString(), QObject *parent=0)
sxInPortCreateInputPort () const
sxOutPortCreateOutputPort () const
sxConnectionCreateConnection ()
sxComponentCreateComponent (const QString &lname, int type, bool loadMode)
 Allocate new component.
void ExecutionStarted ()
void ExecutionFinished ()
void DisplayMessage (const QString &msg, sx::MessageType type=sx::RegularMessage)
bool CloseWindowAfterExecution () const
bool SaveCustom (QDomElement &root)
 save custom property
bool LoadCustom (const QDomElement &root)
 Load custom property.
bool PromptRunPropertyDialog ()
 prompt execution property dialog
void PromptPropertyDialog ()
void SetModified (bool flag=true)
bool IsModified () const
void NewDesign (bool askBeforeClear=true)
void AddComponent (const QString &libname, int compId)
 Add new component to the design.
bool RemoveAllComponents (bool ask=true)
 Remove all components in this scene.
void RemoveComponent (sxUiComponent *comp)
bool LoadDesign (const QString &fname)
 Load design file.
bool SaveDesign ()
bool SaveDesignAs (const QString &fname)
bool StartExecution ()
bool StopExecution ()
QRectF BoundingRect () const
 calculate bounding rect for whole items
QFont ItemFont (int itemId) const
void SetItemFont (int itemId, const QFont &f, bool upd=true)

Protected Member Functions

void CenterViews (qreal x, qreal y)
 center view positions at given coordinate
void AdjustComponents (sxUiComponent *uicomp=0)
 adjust componet's ports and caption text.

Detailed Description

Design class.

Member Function Documentation

void sxUiDesign::AddComponent ( const QString &  libname,
int  compId 

Add new component to the design.

compId - component id

References AdjustComponents(), CreateComponent(), and sxComponent::UiComponent().

void sxUiDesign::AdjustComponents ( sxUiComponent uicomp = 0  )  [protected]

adjust componet's ports and caption text.

after creating/reading component from file, this method need to be called in order to get proper placement of port(s) and text

References sxUiComponent::Adjust(), and sxUiComponent::ReparentPorts().

Referenced by AddComponent(), and LoadDesign().

sxComponent * sxUiDesign::CreateComponent ( const QString &  lname,
int  type,
bool  loadMode 
) [virtual]

Allocate new component.

lname library name which component belongs to
id component type

Reimplemented from sxNetwork.

References sxComponent::UiComponent().

Referenced by AddComponent().

bool sxUiDesign::LoadDesign ( const QString &  fname  ) 

Load design file.

fname Name of design file. Design file is saved in XML format.

References AdjustComponents(), BoundingRect(), CenterViews(), sxNetwork::Load(), and RemoveAllComponents().

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