sxOutPort Class Reference

Output port (terminal). More...

#include <sxPort.h>

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sxPort sxCaptionItem sxObject sxUiOutPort

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class  PrivateData

Public Member Functions

virtual ~sxOutPort ()
 Free memory.
 sxOutPort (const QString &cap=QString(), sxComponent *comp=0)
 Construct output port.
void RemoveConnection (sxConnection *con)
 remove connection from reference list
void AddConnection (sxConnection *con)
 Add new connection to the port.
sxConnectionConnection (unsigned int idx=0) const
 Get connection at given index.
bool IsConnectable (sxPort *p=0) const
 Test connectability.
sx::DataType DataType () const
void SetDataType (sx::DataType type)
void Clear ()
 clear ports
bool Open ()
 Open port.
bool Close ()
 Close Port For input port, drop the data buffer.
void Write (sxPacket *packet)
 Write packet.

Detailed Description

Output port (terminal).

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sxOutPort::~sxOutPort (  )  [virtual]

Free memory.

All connections will also be freed.

See also:
RemoveConnection(), sxConnection::removePorts()

References Close(), sxConnection::OtherPort(), sxPort::RemoveConnection(), and sxConnection::RemovePorts().

sxOutPort::sxOutPort ( const QString &  cap = QString(),
sxComponent comp = 0 

Construct output port.

cap caption
comp owner/parent component

References sxCaptionItem::SetCaption(), and sxPort::SetPortId().

Member Function Documentation

void sxOutPort::AddConnection ( sxConnection con  )  [virtual]

Add new connection to the port.

con the connection to be added

Implements sxPort.

sxConnection * sxOutPort::Connection ( unsigned int  idx = 0  )  const [virtual]

Get connection at given index.

idx index of the connection
address of the connection or 0 (NULL) if out-of-range or no connection

Implements sxPort.

Referenced by sxComponent::DownstreamComponents().

bool sxOutPort::IsConnectable ( sxPort p = 0  )  const [virtual]

Test connectability.

p port to be connected

Implements sxPort.

References sxPort::IsConnectable(), and sxPort::IsInput().

Referenced by sxUiOutPort::MakeConnection().

bool sxOutPort::Open (  )  [virtual]

Open port.

For output port, propagate type and set channel count of connected port.

Reimplemented from sxPort.

References sxConnection::Destination(), sxPort::IsOpen(), and sxInPort::Open().

Referenced by sxComponent::OpenPorts().

void sxOutPort::RemoveConnection ( sxConnection con  )  [virtual]

remove connection from reference list

con the connection to be removed

Implements sxPort.

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